CGTV is the real deal and Adrian R’Mante is my mentor!

CGTV is the real dealCGTV is the real deal and Adrian R’Mante is my mentor!


Acting is only a representation of life.  So when we work with actors, we try to remember that we are working with human beings, not just a professional or actor.  Especially when it comes to the young adults we help shape and mentor.  We do our best to provide a safe and challenging environment where the kids can expand into their passion under the guidance of experienced industry experts.  So it’s always great when we hear from a recent grad that we delivered this experience for him.

CGTV is the real deal

“Adrian R’Mante and my CGTV family are amazing and my experience has taught me how to prepare myself as an actor.  My peers were a huge part of this for me.  And by the end of the program, I had become friends with Adrian, his staff, his family and the other kids and adults that were participating in the program.  I learned so much in terms of skills, but more so, I learned how to be prepared for this industry and my auditions. Adrian is always truthful and will do anything to get you to that next level.  I have seen some negative comments on Facebook about CGTV, but they are not from anyone that has actually participated in the program.  CGTV is the real deal and Adrian delivers more than he promises.  I am proud to call him my director, my brother and my mentor.  Even though I graduated, we stay in touch and I can count on him for advice.”  Jacob Arriola