Disney Stars Teach at CGTV with Proven Results

13556061_1228724307162560_1350823124_oDisney Stars Teacher at CGTV

We don’t just PROMISE big stars, we deliver big stars.  When you are listening to acting tips and coaching, make sure you are getting it from people that have ALREADY succeeded in what you are trying to accomplish.  That is what CGTV delivers. Disney Stars Teacher at CGTV with proven results 

This photo shows a working program at CGTV.  Adrian R’Mante, aka Esteban from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, is accompanied by a master teacher and actor Geno Segers from Pair of Kings and Carlon Jeffery from A.N.T. Farm.

Disney Stars Teach at CGTV

Our talented superstar teachers keep coming back because they love giving their passion to the future generation and harnessing their talent.  And as CGTV produces new, huge talent like RJ Cyler and Bex Taylor-Klaus they just keep adding to their mega star teacher roster.
What are you waiting for?  See if you have what it takes, register for your audition in a city near you at https://CGTV.LA/Register