CGTV Review & Grads New iTunes Release!


Another amazing CGTV Review!

CGTV loves when someone has talents in addition to acting.  In fact, many of our students and graduates are singers and/or musicians.  Hollywood is looking for the triple talent of acting, singing and dance and it is difficult to find someone that has all of these qualities.

CGTV Review!

Breanna Moreno is a CGTV grad and up and coming Country Artist.  Check out her new song on iTunes “Fix Herself”.  Click here:

If you are an actor whom sings, please, let us know at your auditions and when you attend our program.  We can be certain to make sure we highlight that skill in your scene so casting directors and Hollywood agents know all of the skills in your toolbox.

Listen to what Breanna had to say about her CGTV experience!

“My favorite part of CGTV was the improv classes and getting to work with so many people from around the world. It has helped me be more confident in myself and how to choose pieces best suited for me. Working with Adrian was great. He is a great teacher and very patient with his students. It was awesome getting to learn from him. His adrainisms have still stuck with me.  Thanks CGTV!”

CGTV Reviews
Another amazing CGTV Review!

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