Stepfather Proclaims CGTV is not a scam!


CGTV is not a scam

Stepfather Proclaims CGTV is not a scam! Every now and then someone that has never experienced our program will say some silly things on the internet about our company.  The other day on our Facebook page, some teen was calling CGTV a scam.  One stepdad whom attended the January VIP program with his wife and daughter was very offended and this is what he had to say about CGTV being a scam. CGTV is not a scam.

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“CGTV is the furthest thing away from a scam you can find. Many complain about the price, but the way it was explained to me at the tryout, it is a small price to pay for an amazing program and opportunity. Both my wife and daughter attended CGTV and had an absolute blast in the process and got put in front of real, Hollywood agents and were given a real opportunity to get an agent.


The largest portion of the program is the week of preparation the participants receive before they get their shot in front of the scouts. They work with Disney stars and well-trained actors that teach them exactly what these talent seekers are looking for. You get a distinct advantage over the competition by learning from those that have already succeeded at where you want to go. After scenes have been practiced, edited, and finalized, My wife Gia and daughter Jenna were ready for the biggest auditions of their lives.


On the big night, all of the coaches showed up, rooting the kids and other participants on and going over last minute tips to keep their nerves calm. The level of professionalism was great to see, but what really confirmed that my money was well spent was when I walked into the stands of the venue to find around 50 agents seated and ready to take notes. We had gotten far more than what we had paid for and my girls were going to get their biggest opportunity of their lives.


After it was all said and done, neither my wife nor my daughter received an agent call back. This of course was disappointing to us, but what shocked me most was that Adrian R’Mante, the owner and director of the program, seemed the most upset! He said that we most certainly had to come back to the next audition, and that they could try out as many times as they like, it won’t cost them a dime.  Plus, rockstar casting director Lisa London whom cast stars like Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Aniston and more in roles long before they were famous put my wife on the short list of actors she believes is ready for big screen casting! CGTV is not a scam!

If Hollywood is your dream, using CGTV is going to give you a legitimate shot to make your dreams a reality.”  Michael Howard


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Adrian R'Mante

Adrian R’Mante with CGTV Helped Me

Adrian R'Mante

Gionna Bowman

Adrian R’Mante with CGTV Helped Me, For Free. Usually we publish stories from graduates of our Celebrity Experience at CGTV.  This was a story from a young, working actress that was unable to afford CGTV but raves about the help Adrian R’Mante personally provided to her anyway.  Read below and learn who we are and what we are made of.  If you are scouring the internet on CGTV Reviews or reviews about Adrian R’Mante, you have come to the right spot.  Listen to what this young lady has to say about our CEO and founder. 

Gianna Bowman

“I never got to go to CGTV,  I got a call back after auditioning with them but sadly I couldn’t afford it at the time. Adrian saw something in me and even though I couldn’t go to the showcase he helped me by messaging me on Facebook  and texting about working in the industry. He helped me in how I presented myself in the auditioning room and helped me make important in the moment decisions on how to make sure I always look my best and act professional. 

Whenever I had a question for him he would take time out of his day to reply. I haven’t even met him physically. I met Tanya when I auditioned in Philadelphia. But once I face-booked him about the program he was very easy to listen to in terms of how he explained what the industry was really like.

I recently got a role in the hit TV series The Blind Spot.  I got the audition through my manager and when I got there I was discouraged because the role called for a mixed Caucasian and Hispanic girl or “mixed” girl and I’m only African American. When I got there I was surrounded by girls who actually were what they asked for but I remembered the videos that I watched for CGTV and how to command the casting director’s attention by speaking first. Adrian even let me use him as an industry referral to get representation. In the beginning I would submit Adrian on everything I sent out. I emailed submissions all over and finally got a hit from Brilliant Talent Management which is bi coastal.

I’ve been in this industry since I was five so I was already held a lot of knowledge on the acting and filming industry.   But, Adrian broadened my horizons.  I am very thankful to Adrian he helped me and asked for absolutely nothing in return but for me to always do my best. He truly wants to help each and every aspiring actor, no matter the age or background, to follow their dreams and do what they love.”  – Gionna Bowman

Adrian R’Mante

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The Celebrity Experience

Why I Decided to train with CGTV & TCE

The Celebrity Experience

Lance Freeman

This is the story of one of our graduate’s of last January’s VIP program.  Lance Freeman had an energy that we could see from a mile away.  He wasn’t sure if he had what it took for Hollywood, but he saw this as a chance to chance his dream.  With hard work and an open mind, Lance amazed himself by securing a Hollywood Agent call back after our live showcase at ACME Theatre.  The following is his story.  For anyone scouring the internet for CGTV Reviews and wanting to know if CGTV is a scam or not, take the time to read the story of people that have actually been through our program.  That is the truth in advertising. The Celebrity Experience. 

Why I Decided to Train with CGTV and The Celebrity Experience?

“I really wasn’t nervous about auditioning for CGTV, I saw this as my chance to chase a dream. I prepared mainly by watching movies. I wanted to see how they performed with cameras and each other.

When I arrived at the event I learned that Geno Segers was my celebrity host, I wasn’t nervous, I saw this all as a potential possibility. I knew I would be okay whether I made it into the program or not. Finally my turn to audition came around. I felt relaxed in the room with Geno and he gave amazing advice once I was finished. I followed it and repeated the monologue, I thought I did pretty good afterwards honestly.

CGTV & The Celebrity Experience

After hours of waiting I was thankful that I was selected, and proud of myself for taking advantage of the unique learning experience that was to come. My family felt the same. I knew from past experience that there were a lot of talent agencies that scam you for money, but the program seemed legit and I took a leap of faith. I was scheduled to go for the showcase that would perform in January, and decided to go with the V.I.P package. I am now definitely thankful that I did.

One of my favorite parts of the training was all the information we got from the celebrity hosts that were attending. They gave us advice on our performances, told us the in’s and outs of the industry, and revealed what they had to personally go through to get where they are today. It was really awesome to see from their point of view and to get to hear about what it is really like for them past the lights and cameras.

The showcase finally came around after days of rigorous training and memorization. Utilizing and applying all the notes given to me made my live performance real and moving. It flowed nicely thanks to advice and preparation from the CGTV staff and the actors who took time out of their lives to help us reach for the stars. Following the showcase I received a call back! They gave me advice on how to move forward with my acting. CGTV taught us the basics that everyone needs to know to get their careers started and off the ground. Remember to chase your dreams and that no matter what, with CGTV you will be put in front of agents.”

Lance Freeman

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