Stepfather Proclaims CGTV is not a scam!


CGTV is not a scam

Stepfather Proclaims CGTV is not a scam! Every now and then someone that has never experienced our program will say some silly things on the internet about our company.  The other day on our Facebook page, some teen was calling CGTV a scam.  One stepdad whom attended the January VIP program with his wife and daughter was very offended and this is what he had to say about CGTV being a scam. CGTV is not a scam.

Read below;

“CGTV is the furthest thing away from a scam you can find. Many complain about the price, but the way it was explained to me at the tryout, it is a small price to pay for an amazing program and opportunity. Both my wife and daughter attended CGTV and had an absolute blast in the process and got put in front of real, Hollywood agents and were given a real opportunity to get an agent.


The largest portion of the program is the week of preparation the participants receive before they get their shot in front of the scouts. They work with Disney stars and well-trained actors that teach them exactly what these talent seekers are looking for. You get a distinct advantage over the competition by learning from those that have already succeeded at where you want to go. After scenes have been practiced, edited, and finalized, My wife Gia and daughter Jenna were ready for the biggest auditions of their lives.


On the big night, all of the coaches showed up, rooting the kids and other participants on and going over last minute tips to keep their nerves calm. The level of professionalism was great to see, but what really confirmed that my money was well spent was when I walked into the stands of the venue to find around 50 agents seated and ready to take notes. We had gotten far more than what we had paid for and my girls were going to get their biggest opportunity of their lives.


After it was all said and done, neither my wife nor my daughter received an agent call back. This of course was disappointing to us, but what shocked me most was that Adrian R’Mante, the owner and director of the program, seemed the most upset! He said that we most certainly had to come back to the next audition, and that they could try out as many times as they like, it won’t cost them a dime.  Plus, rockstar casting director Lisa London whom cast stars like Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Aniston and more in roles long before they were famous put my wife on the short list of actors she believes is ready for big screen casting! CGTV is not a scam!

If Hollywood is your dream, using CGTV is going to give you a legitimate shot to make your dreams a reality.”  Michael Howard


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