CGTV Seeks Talent Globally

 CGTV Seeks Talent GloballyCGTV Seeks Talent Globally. The truth is, CGTV could host auditions every week in Los Angeles and still come up with plenty of kids and young adults that want to be on TV and/or in the movies.  In fact, it would cost considerably less than doing what we do which is to travel the globe looking for the biggest and brightest new stars this planet has to offer.  That’s right planet!

CGTV has helped kids and young adults with their acting careers from many countries and the list continues to grow.  From Canada to Singapore, Mexico and then some, CGTV finds, nurtures and delivers new talent to Hollywood’s doorstops every year.
Zeah was one of the amazing talents that we scouted in Honolulu, Hawaii.  She is in classes now, giving it her all and super excited to see her dreams becoming an actuality this weekend.  Zeah is not alone, she joins over 1,000+ other CGTV graduates.  Read more of our success stories here:  https://CGTV.LA/Blog