CGTV Training knows no borders – Norwegian Sisters Succeed!

CGTV Sisters find success!CGTV Sisters find success! CGTV’s graduate,  Kristina Karlsen is a hit in Norway after attending several CGTV Training programs.  Now she is the first billing in a Norwegian feature film.! You can watch her trailer here:  Click Here 

 CGTV Sisters find success!

Her mother credits CGTV & Adrian to her success.  She says that what he did for both her daughters was nothing short of fantastic.   At auditions & while filming, directors and producers are constantly commenting on how professional Kristina is from auditioning to filming.  Mom says that Adrian taught her girls how to shine on and off the set.  The transition from novice to consummate professional was effortless because of what she learned in rehearsal, filming and on stage at CGTV.