Brother & Sister Score with CGTV!

Brother & Sister Score with CGTV!Brother & Sister Score with CGTV!

It’s a rough day at CGTV when a brother and sister come in together and only one gets a call back from an agent. So when we got this note from mom that two of our favorites from the January 2016 group were doing great, we had to pass it along. The other amazing part of this story is that only one of the siblings came in with a lot of acting experience. The other sibling was able to garner skills and talents during our workshop that she was able to apply on-stage at her theatrical debut to score her a Hollywood agent call-back. This is why we do what we do. We are passionate about developing young talent and then placing them directly in front of real, top Hollywood agencies.Brother & Sister Score with CGTV!
“Bailey has been doing musical theater since he was 6. He loves to act and was wanting to do more with acting but Tucson has very little to offer outside of the musical theater. Bailey was extremely excited to get a chance to audition with CGTV. He really wanted to learn more about acting and TV and film. As a parent wanting to support but also protect him, I was a little skeptical. The presentation about CGTV prior to the audition was thorough. I was pleased to learn that out of about 250-300 kids that auditioned there were only around 31 selected. It was clearly not the everyone gets in the situation. The cost of the camp did not bother me as with any camp there is a fee involved for a service. CGTV exceeded my expectations as a parent. Everything that was explained and promised in the presentation was delivered. Except for one thing; Adrian R’Mante’s presence and passion for the craft, as well as his accessibility. As a parent, I could not be more thankful to see Adrian at camp every day, all day, personally working with the kids and adults. Bailey loved the camp and shined in the showcase with about 15 callbacks out of 25 roughly managers/agents. Since then, Bailey has signed with a great agent and manager has been sent out on auditions for both feature film and TV. Without CGTV and Adrian, these opportunities would not exist. We are extremely thankful.” – Cheryl, Tucson