Everything I learned about acting I learned at CGTV

Learned at CGTVEverything I learned about acting I learned at CGTV.

CGTV is an incubator for kids and young adults.  While we do accept talented adults into our program, our main focus are kids and young adults ages 5-25.  We have about an 80% success rate in getting our graduates called back by top Hollywood managers, agents and/or agencies.  For those that do not attain one on the first try out, we allow them to come back, at no cost and try again.  Even if they don’t get an agent the first time, they are gaining the tools of the trade for a lifetime.

Read what Emilee Rempel had to say about CGTV:


 Learned at CGTV

“Hi, my name is Emilee Rempel and I was in the CGTV program in July 2015!  The program was an amazing experience and I gained a lot from it like; learning how to get into character, learning how to do an audition properly, improv technique, how to make a monologue and lots more. It was very fun for me because I got to meet new people and make lots of friends. My favorite part of it all was getting to perform in front of everyone, whenever I get up on stage it always makes me feel this certain type of way that you cant really explain, its just really exciting to me, acting lets me be anyone I want to be it lets me escape from the real world and really just be who I am. Adrian really helped me with all of that because he taught me how to be the best actor you can be, he taught me how to perfect everything. Adrian is an awesome mentor and how he got to where he is today, really inspires me. He treated us  normally, he doesn’t think he’s better than anyone, he treated everyone equal and made us feel special. He helped me build confidence in myself.  Again, really good program and I hope others enjoyed it as much as I did  ☺  Emilee Rempel



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