Kid strikes gold with agents!

Agents at CGTV

Kid strikes gold with agents at CGTV!


CGTV has done the math and the results are in, over 80% of our participants have been called back by a Hollywood agent or manager that saw them perform in our showcase.  Tamara Gipson is one of those examples.  Tamari auditioned in 2014 and attended our CGTV program the following summer.  Listen to what mom says happened next,

Kid strikes gold with agents at CGTV!

“Hi there Tamari Gipson is so grateful for  being able to Audition with Adrian R’Mante in 2014.  That following summer he attended the CGTV program with many other talented actors.  At the end of the program, the kids did a showcase on the stage at the Acme Comedy Theater and Tamari received 10 call backs.  Since, Tamari has a Manager. He sees his Acting Coach once a week. He was in the Disney’s  Mulan Jr play at the Community Center. He’s done a couple documentaries and just finished filming for the State Fair.  CGTV is a great opportunity to build confidence and get the knowledge they need.   It’s great for the parents too when getting just started out in the field. I strongly recommend.  Mom”
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