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Meet The Cast… Meet the Stars of CGTV

In the crazy world of acting, sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. At CGTV, we teach and provide resources for aspiring actors, so they too can perhaps become celebrities. Our state of the art program is designed to prepare you for the world of acting, so you can reach your dream goals. CGTV is the home to many celebrities who have been through this exact program. Meet the cast! Stars of CGTV.

Adrian R’Mante (CEO/Founder): 

R’Mante is most known for his role in the hit mega show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody as the hotel employee, Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramirez. That wasn’t the beginning of his acting career though. R’Mante started acting and dancing at the young age of 14, as well as taking part in other sports like basketball, football, and baseball. 

Currently, Adrian’s latest project is playing Diego Gonzalez, a guest starring role, on CBS’s hit show “NCIS: Los Angeles” with LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell. Recent films include the thriller “Underground” and award-winning comedy movie “Life at the Resort.” Through his education and career, Adrian has had the opportunity to work with top-acting professionals in the country and now wants to pay it forward in his CGTV Program designed for undiscovered talent. Adrian says: “LIVE in the moment while appreciating what you have and work hard for what you love…PERFORMING!!!.”

Joe Nieves: 

Becoming most well known to Disney Channel fans as Tom Diaz from the series Stuck in the Middle, this actor has held notable television roles as Carl the Bartender in How I Met Your Mother and Fencik in Day Break. Other recurring parts of his have come in the shows The Mentalist, 24 and NYPD Blue. He used key learning points from the CGTV program is to help him get to where he is today. 

Tanya Chisholm: 

Chisholm stars on Nickelodeon’s hit series, Big Time Rush, playing Kelly Wainwright. Other hit shows like Corey in the House and Ghost Whisperer are some of her first roles.  A native of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Tanya graduated from the prestigious UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television. With brains, beauty and outstanding ability, Tanya received the coveted Regent’s Scholarship for Academic Achievement as well as the esteemed John and Faith Surabian Award for Musical Theater.

Other CGTV Celebrities and What They’re Known For 

  • Geno Segers: Pair Of Kings
  • Louis Tomeo: Every Witch Way 
  • Jayce Mroz: I Am Frankie
  • Jackson Robert Scott: IT (2017) 

Join our team of celebrities today! CGTV is a high-level TV, film, and entertainment program designed to help connect talent to the industry. Talent is guided by top celebrities from ABC, NBC, CBS, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon shows including CSI, 24, Modern Family, The Suite Life on Deck, Disney 365, Drake & Josh, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Austin & Alley and Good Luck Charlie. CGTV: We have people on TV! For more information visit our website at! To stay up to date with the latest CGTV news follow us on facebook


Levi Daniels books national commercial!

LEVI CGTV Graduate books national commercial! One of the things we tell our graduates is that this business requires you to be able to process rejection like a pro, be persistent and keep going. The truth is, 99% of actors are rejected way more than they win roles. So the most crucial part is persistence. Levi Daniels has become an expert on persistence and handling rejection. And now, he is an expert on how to land a national television commercial spot, the bread and butter of almost every actor’s life. Don’t take our word. Listen to Levi’s success story here.

Levi had heard about CGTV while submitting to acting classes online in attempts to find a good school to get his name, face and talent into the arena. He received an email from CGTV asking him to join an audition in his city. He was nervous and excited at the prospect of auditioning for a major Disney star. He prepared and he practiced his sample commercial to the point that he could let it roll off his tongue like second nature.

The day of the audition I felt I was more than prepared. He was told that I would be auditioning with someone that was on a Disney show, but he did not recognize the man in the room that he auditioned for. (Probably the beard!). That was great, because it helped calm his nerves. Later, he found out it was Jonathan Goldstein, the dad from Josh and Drake and let out a “whooooooa”.

As he left, he felt confident that he did his best but as usual was prepared to not get his hopes too high. That no matter what the result of THIS audition was, he would continue to pursue his Hollywood dreams. When he received the phone call later that night that he was one of only a few dozen out of a room of hundreds selected, he was stoked! He immediately thought “I will have to figure out how to balance this with my day job as an investment banker!”

That didn’t last long. He decided to give up his six figure career and pursue his dream and put all of his chips on the table. He received world class acting training at CGTV with Adrian R’Mante and his star studded cast. The final night at ACME theatre would prove to be a bit nerve wracking. Having just put his entire career on the line for his dream, what if he did NOT receive a call back from a Hollywood Agent at this live performance?

Levi received a call back from a well reputed Hollywood Talent agency. While he did not wind up signing with them, he continued to pursue his talents and has just recently scored a nationally televised commercial, the meat and potatoes of the acting industry. He credits his wins to working with Adrian, even after hours. Levi says that Adrian has always made time for him, always been there for him and continues to be his mentor outside of the program.

We will keep you updated on Levi’s impending successes!

1. I heard about CGTV because I was submitting online for acting classes trying to find a good school to get my name and face out there. CGTV emailed me.

2. I was a little nervous, more excited than anything. I prepared for my CGTV audition by practicing my commercial to the point I could say it like it was second nature.

3. I performed in front of Jonathan Goldstein. I wasn’t nervous in front of him because I didn’t recognize him haha. After the fact when I realized who it was I literally went “woooooooh”.

4. I didn’t want to get my hopes up so I just said to myself “keep on keeping on” and if the call you go for it.

5. I was stoked! I was also trying to figure out how I was going to balance this week intensive and keep my job as an investment banker.

6. I’ve always wanted to pursue acting and realized life is to short to not chase your dreams. I ended up quitting my job that was making close to six figures and put all of my chips on the table for my dream.

7. The hands-on training from celebs in the game already. Who better to learn from than the people who are successful in the industry.

8. I was very nervous for my performance at ACME. I’ve done auditions before but never a live stage performance. I invited a bunch of people because I didn’t think very many could make it that night. (they all came) haha

9. I received a callback from Maverick Artists Group. They didn’t end up signing me but it was good in the long run to get those at bats in!

10. Adrian until this day will respond to any questions I have or if I’m just nervous for a big audition will give me advice to calm me down. Great mentor and friend.

11. Life is to short and nobody is promised tomorrow. Go chase your dream no matter what that dream may be!!!

CGTV Graduate books national commercial!
Adrian R'Mante

Adrian R’Mante with CGTV Helped Me

Adrian R'Mante

Gionna Bowman

Adrian R’Mante with CGTV Helped Me, For Free. Usually we publish stories from graduates of our Celebrity Experience at CGTV.  This was a story from a young, working actress that was unable to afford CGTV but raves about the help Adrian R’Mante personally provided to her anyway.  Read below and learn who we are and what we are made of.  If you are scouring the internet on CGTV Reviews or reviews about Adrian R’Mante, you have come to the right spot.  Listen to what this young lady has to say about our CEO and founder. 

Gianna Bowman

“I never got to go to CGTV,  I got a call back after auditioning with them but sadly I couldn’t afford it at the time. Adrian saw something in me and even though I couldn’t go to the showcase he helped me by messaging me on Facebook  and texting about working in the industry. He helped me in how I presented myself in the auditioning room and helped me make important in the moment decisions on how to make sure I always look my best and act professional. 

Whenever I had a question for him he would take time out of his day to reply. I haven’t even met him physically. I met Tanya when I auditioned in Philadelphia. But once I face-booked him about the program he was very easy to listen to in terms of how he explained what the industry was really like.

I recently got a role in the hit TV series The Blind Spot.  I got the audition through my manager and when I got there I was discouraged because the role called for a mixed Caucasian and Hispanic girl or “mixed” girl and I’m only African American. When I got there I was surrounded by girls who actually were what they asked for but I remembered the videos that I watched for CGTV and how to command the casting director’s attention by speaking first. Adrian even let me use him as an industry referral to get representation. In the beginning I would submit Adrian on everything I sent out. I emailed submissions all over and finally got a hit from Brilliant Talent Management which is bi coastal.

I’ve been in this industry since I was five so I was already held a lot of knowledge on the acting and filming industry.   But, Adrian broadened my horizons.  I am very thankful to Adrian he helped me and asked for absolutely nothing in return but for me to always do my best. He truly wants to help each and every aspiring actor, no matter the age or background, to follow their dreams and do what they love.”  – Gionna Bowman

Adrian R’Mante

Adrian & CGTV audition free around the world. Please Click Here to register for your chance to audition for CGTV & The Celebrity Experience.

CGTV is the real deal

CGTV Delivers Confidence & Agent Callback


Kevin Cain

Often times, good to great actors arrive at CGTV with little to no confidence in their abilities.  However, we know if they were scouted in their city, there is talent there.  We work with the actors on techniques that improve their range and at the same time give them confidence in their auditioning skills.  

Last summer, Kevin Cain to one of our programs and at the end of a Q & A with Rockstar Casting Director Lisa London asked Adrian how he was doing on and what Adrian thought he should work on to ensure success at the showcase in front of Hollywood Agents.  

 He still remembers Adrian’s reply.  “You’re better than I expected”.  Adrian takes acting and learning very seriously.  So when Kevin heard that Adrian thought he was better than originally anticipated, that meant the world to him.  Adrian also doled out some sage advice and helped give me the confidence to be strong at my showcase.  Because of my confidence and the skills I learned at CGTV, I did get a call back from a professional Hollywood Agency.  “I am forever in debt to Adrian R’Mante and CGTV for giving me a real shot in an industry I once thought was impossible to break into.”  – Kevin Cain

CGTV Builds Actor’s Confidence

CGTV builds

Elizabeth Anne Waldridge

CGTV Builds Actor’s Confidence.


A big part of acting is having confidence in front of the casting directors.  Actors also tend to be very hypercritical of themselves and that shows in front of agents and directors.  At CGTV we teach our actors skills and practices that instill confidence at the heart of the actor.  The confidence leads to comfortability both at auditions and on-camera.  Don’t take our word for it.  Listen to what Elizabeth Anne Waldridge, CGTV graduate.


CGTV Builds

Thanks to Adrain R’Mante I have so much confidence. Thanks to Celebrity Experience I have been getting calls from agencies.  A producer from Miami wants me to do a movie in Colombia. Thanks to the confidence Adrian gave me, I participated in the local talent contest.  CGTV helped me learn so many acting techniques. So thank you so much for all you have done for me!”  – Elizabeth Anne Waldridge


CGTV Builds Actor’s Confidence.

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TJ Norfus

TJ Norfus

There are plenty of actors that come to us that are already getting jobs on their own.  So why do they come to us?  There are a few reasons that we want to point out.


A true actor knows that training never, ever ends.  Each new role requires you to reach into a different part of you to bring that character to life.  Sometimes, techniques that worked to help reveal one character just won’t work with a new one.  And, as we mature techniques that were not available to us as a child become front and center. Because of all of these reasons, most actors are either still learning or at the point where they are mentoring others.


The second reason working actors come to CGTV is because of Adrian R’Mante to be quite frank.  Not only is he a consummate professional actor and director, but he is also a teacher, mentor, and light in many people’s lives.  He also packs an iPhone filled with Hollywood talent agencies and casting directors that he puts his students in front of.  Everyone knows that Hollywood is a small town and it all comes down to who you know.  And chances are, you don’t know anyone.  We do.  Don’t take our word for it, listen to the parents of a working actor named TJ Norfus.

“The CGTV experience truly encouraged the many faces of TJ. It was an all around awesome experience – we made friends we still see and talk to. The week is not just about the kids receiving invaluable training but the parents also being oriented to the business. For me, the two things that stand out the most:

1) Adrian is as real as they come. He set expectations that made it very clear that a talented child will likely not be an overnight success. Rather, like everything else, you have to work for what you want. That has helped us keep him on a humble path of continually nurturing his craft with practice and patience; and

2) Adrian made himself available for feedback and questions long after the week was over. So, he’s not just taking your money and running.

TJ loves acting more than ever, is regularly working in Miami and his confidence continues to grow. Very thankful for the tools we both received through CGTV to support that.”  Natalie Norfus



My life changed because of CGTV

My life changed because of CGTV

We asked one of our amazing students what the best thing that she got out of CGTV and this was her response:
Because of CGTV, I am inspired to pursue my dreams.   Prior to CGTV, I believed my goals were unachievable and unrealistic.  This is my third year being a part of CGTV and I can proudly say that at just 18 years old, I am moving to Vancouver to attend the Vancouver Film School.  Adrian R’Mante has truly helped me discover myself by believing in me and motivating me.  The greatest gift of all has been him teaching me that I can accomplish absolutely anything I dedicate myself to.  He sees my true passion for performing and I am so grateful for everything he does for each and every one of his students.  I love the entire staff at CGTV and you have each changed my life and for this, I am grateful.  
My life changed because of CGTV & now “I am moving to Vancouver to attend the Vancouver Film School.”
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Bex's 1st Times Square Billboard!

Bex’s 1st Times Square Billboard!

Bex's 1st Times Square Billboard!

Bex Taylor-Klaus

Bex’s 1st Times Square Billboard!

Our graduates have made it BIG in Hollywood.  Bex Taylor-Klaus is one of those stars.  Bex credits CGTV and Adrian R’Mante for her Times Square, New York City Billboard!  From her first audition to her acting program and showcase, Bex shined like a diamond in front of our Hollywood agents & Managers.


Bex’s 1st Times Square Billboard!

While CGTV is NOT a talent agency, we are the best in the nation at scouting talent, training that talent quickly and effectively and then putting them in front of our personal industry Hollywood contacts.  In fact, many Hollywood casting agents, managers, and agents have come to rely upon CGTV as a quarterly talent source. Want your shot at Hollywood? Register at www.CGTV.LA/Register just like Bex did.

Child actor

A Child Actor’s Point of view on CGTV

12118847_1677850622436016_3566059768855426653_nWe asked CGTV Graduates and Parents, to be honest, and give us their opinion on our TV and FILM workshops and training.  This is just one child actor’s review.
“Adrian and the CGTV program have done great things for so many kids including myself. I am glad my parents invested the money they have because I learned a lot with Adrain compared to other workshops I’ve attended. Thank you, Adrian, for making us all feel special and I am so blessed to have made all the friends I have around the country because Iof Adrian’s workshops.
At the end of it all… there are costs involved when doing business nothing is free. Adrian R’Mante doesn’t get to appear all over the country auditioning kids by mere magic. There are expenses. He brings in other experienced actors to help educate the kids, that is not free. No camp or workshop in the industry is free. An actor must invest in themselves as a business entity and that takes money. Headshots, reels, education none of it is free.
(Erin wrote a secondary review in response to a Canadian paper insinuating that CGTV was a scam)
“…when using the word “SCAM” one must truly understand the meaning before accusing one of “running a scam”. CGTV delivers exactly what is promised for a fee… quality education with experienced actors, professional head shots & reels, as well as, exposing the students to legitimate agents & managers in the entertainment industry. Adrian is not a “one hit wonder”, he has a successful career and enjoys sharing his knowledge & expertise with those serious about the industry. Neither Adrian or CGTV guarantees work or auditions he simply provides you the necessary tools to be the best you can be in a very competitive industry all while bringing families together to become lifelong friends & support in an industry that can be difficult.