CGTV Grad works with Petsmart & Netflix

Kims Headshot_2014-06-15-16-34-28_1_1

CGTV grad fulfills her dream.We love continuing a relationship with our CGTV grad and grads after they leave our program and hearing about how they are putting their training to use in their careers.  This is one mom’s thank you note to CGTV  for helping her daughter Kim’s dreams come true.



Two years ago we took our daughter to an audition for CGTV. Immediately,  she was excited to be part of this amazing journey.  That next summer in 2014,  we all decided to take off to California and make it a family trip.   All of our family and the other families met with Adrian and his staff, he answered all our questions and told us there and then that this was not a Job opportunity, that this was a class for all the actors to perfect their art and that during the show case there would be Casting representatives from various agencies. No guarantee of work or casting was ever promised and that was clear with everyone there.  But what we would be given, was an opportunity to shine in front of these select agents and managers.  

My daughter was very happy that she attended, not only did she make new friends but she was taught by Adrian himself and the all of his staff (famous Disney actors) on a one on one level.  She learned all the techniques that she could put to use and how to perfect them including how to act in a casting call.  

Since then my daughter has been focusing on school as she is graduating this year and  has been working here in Arizona.   She has done some student films, commercial, work as an extra for Federal credit Union Bank with Cardinal ex QB Kurt Warner and and has also done print for PetSmart.  She recently got called to work for the Netflix show ‘the Get Down”.  She learned so much and has been able to put all that she learned to work for her.  Thank you to Adrian R’Mante and his entire staff at CGTV.