VIP Showcase & Pilot Program Rocks!

VIP Showcase & Pilot Program Rocks!VIP Showcase & Pilot Program Rocks! There is nothing we love more than a beautiful testimonial from a talented graduate.  


VIP Showcase & Pilot Program Rocks

I was five years of age when I started acting class and had been in several showcases that my family spent high-dollars that it never worked out at all.  

I’d been with different talent company as well that doesn’t exist anymore.


I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Adrian R’Mante over a year ago, 

who helped thousands of young and adult aspiring actors nationwide. 

With a keen eye and unending patience, Adrian R’Mante saw the actor inside 

me and like a sculptor; he quickly pulled that vision into reality. If an aspiring 

actor is willing to do the work, Adrian R’Mante’s investment in helping them 

realize their fullest potential is boundless and beyond generous.  

This mentor of mine LOVES to teach, and he LOVES his craft. 

VIP Showcase & Pilot Program Rocks!

To take CGTV class was a BIG personal step for me.  Adrian R’Mante 

is one of my biggest inspirations; he would always say you couldn’t 

achieve your dreams without working hard. Adrian R’Mante has a rare 

gift to truly be able to transform aspiring actors because of his love 

and passion for not only acting but for people.”  McKayla Salceda