Do you know how to memorize lines?


FOUR ways to help you memorize lines

Memorizing lines can be the most difficult part of acting.  It is probably the most daunting tasks asked of an actor or actress.  What if I told you there is way to make the memorization process just a little bit easier?  Here at Children in Film we thought of a few tips and tricks to help commit those lines to memory.  FOUR ways to help you memorize line.

1.    Practice Everyday!

Be sure to practice your acting skills every day.  15 minutes of cold reading practice will REALLY keep you sharp if you do it EVERY DAY. If you aren’t super sharp at cold reading, then practice for AN HOUR PER DAY until it becomes as effortless as breathing.

2.    Keep it Moving!

When practicing your lines sitting idle is not always the best thing.  The brain acts like a muscle and gets stronger the more you use it.  Getting up, moving, using hand motions, pacing, and walking can help make your brain associate the movements that your body is making and the words you are speaking into a clearer path.  This ultimately leads to committing your lines to memory faster.   This gives a whole new meaning to ‘muscle memory’!  You will be surprised that the more you move the connection between your brain and body will get stronger.

3.    The Hat Trick!

Find a blank piece of paper.  Cut it into 20 pieces.  Write down:  5 different situations, 5 different places, 5 different jobs and, 5 different emotions, one on each piece of paper.  Then create a scene.  Example:  Eating candy, in a jungle, as a photographer, while being sad.

This creates flexibility and dynamisms in scenes.  If you do these ad-lib routines it makes it easier for you to be more comfortable with others abstract writing and scenarios.  Try it:  It is a fun exercise and relieves the anxiety of scene stress.

4.    Use Good Sense!

This can be the hardest but most beneficial memorization tip.   What we mean by ‘Using Good Sense’ is to use the entire experience:  sight, sound, smell, taste, or touch to evoke an emotional reaction appropriate to a moment in the scene.  Let’s just say you are auditioning for a chocolate bar commercial.  You need to be excited about this product, so what do you do?  Go get a chocolate bar and let is take over your SENSES!  Then later on at the audition you will be able to recall that chocolate bar like it was right there in your hand and make everyone watching you believe it really is!

These are just suggestions. Ultimately, it always comes down to what works best for you.  No one has the same approach to memorizing lines.  We all have different backgrounds and learning styles.   Give these a shot and see what they do for you!  If you still need help, just reach out to some top rated acting coaches in our member directory above.

Memorize lines is preparing well.

CGTV Success Stories

CGTV Creates Legitimate Success

In show business, there’s good reason to be wary of people who claim they can help you achieve your Hollywood dreams. There are a lot of scam artists and opportunists out there. Although it is wise to be wary and guarded, if you or your child have real talent and think you can make it in Hollywood, you can trust CGTV. There are talent programs out there that aren’t scams, and CGTV is one of them. CGTV is a high-level entertainment program with a multitude of success stories to prove that it is designed to help talent successfully navigate the show business industry.

At CGTV, we’re the real deal, and our young actors have achieved real-world success. Here are some of CGTV’s alumni who have gone on to be working actors and actresses in Hollywood  and their success stories:

RJ Cyler

A graduate of CGTV and a wonderful success story, RJ Cyler’s acting career is currently blowing up. He starred in the 2015 film (and Sundance darling) “Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl” as Earl, and was also cast as the Blue Ranger in the upcoming Power Rangers film. We at CGTV could not be prouder of RJ Cyler!

Bex Taylor-Klaus

One of CGTV’s very own is a very successful television star. Bex is best known for her roles as Bullet on The Killing, Sin on Arrow, Lex on House of Lies, and is currently starring as Audrey Jensen on MTV’s Scream series, based off the popular horror films.

success stories

MacKenzie Dunne

MacKenzie was just 6 years old when she attended CGTV’s talent program in the summer of 2015. Now, she has a recurring role as young Shelby in the Disney Channel original series Best Friends Whenever. We can’t wait to see what else the future holds for MacKenzie!

CGTV Success Stories

These are just some of the CGTV graduates who have gone on to achieve their dreams. There are many more success stories, and we know there will continue to be more to come! If you know your dream is to make it as an actor or actress in Hollywood, and you think you’ve got the talent to take you there, attend one of our auditions to get the ball rolling (register here to stay in the loop). If you receive a call back, that means we see raw talent in you and would like to help hone your skills at our acting camp program and workshops.

Still think CGTV isn’t “legit”? We asked our past graduates and parents of children who attended CGTV to give us their honest, unfiltered opinions about their experience with us. You can read for yourself here. You’ll soon discover that we’re the real deal, and we’re looking to make you or your child into a big deal in Hollywood!

Stepfather Proclaims CGTV is not a scam!


CGTV is not a scam

Stepfather Proclaims CGTV is not a scam! Every now and then someone that has never experienced our program will say some silly things on the internet about our company.  The other day on our Facebook page, some teen was calling CGTV a scam.  One stepdad whom attended the January VIP program with his wife and daughter was very offended and this is what he had to say about CGTV being a scam. CGTV is not a scam.

Read below;

“CGTV is the furthest thing away from a scam you can find. Many complain about the price, but the way it was explained to me at the tryout, it is a small price to pay for an amazing program and opportunity. Both my wife and daughter attended CGTV and had an absolute blast in the process and got put in front of real, Hollywood agents and were given a real opportunity to get an agent.


The largest portion of the program is the week of preparation the participants receive before they get their shot in front of the scouts. They work with Disney stars and well-trained actors that teach them exactly what these talent seekers are looking for. You get a distinct advantage over the competition by learning from those that have already succeeded at where you want to go. After scenes have been practiced, edited, and finalized, My wife Gia and daughter Jenna were ready for the biggest auditions of their lives.


On the big night, all of the coaches showed up, rooting the kids and other participants on and going over last minute tips to keep their nerves calm. The level of professionalism was great to see, but what really confirmed that my money was well spent was when I walked into the stands of the venue to find around 50 agents seated and ready to take notes. We had gotten far more than what we had paid for and my girls were going to get their biggest opportunity of their lives.


After it was all said and done, neither my wife nor my daughter received an agent call back. This of course was disappointing to us, but what shocked me most was that Adrian R’Mante, the owner and director of the program, seemed the most upset! He said that we most certainly had to come back to the next audition, and that they could try out as many times as they like, it won’t cost them a dime.  Plus, rockstar casting director Lisa London whom cast stars like Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Aniston and more in roles long before they were famous put my wife on the short list of actors she believes is ready for big screen casting! CGTV is not a scam!

If Hollywood is your dream, using CGTV is going to give you a legitimate shot to make your dreams a reality.”  Michael Howard


Do you still think CGTV is a scam? We have some of the greatest showcases in Hollywood! Try the CGTV process learn from the best on TV, Film and Commercial book your audition by clicking here! 

Adrian R'Mante

Adrian R’Mante with CGTV Helped Me

Adrian R'Mante

Gionna Bowman

Adrian R’Mante with CGTV Helped Me, For Free. Usually we publish stories from graduates of our Celebrity Experience at CGTV.  This was a story from a young, working actress that was unable to afford CGTV but raves about the help Adrian R’Mante personally provided to her anyway.  Read below and learn who we are and what we are made of.  If you are scouring the internet on CGTV Reviews or reviews about Adrian R’Mante, you have come to the right spot.  Listen to what this young lady has to say about our CEO and founder. 

Gianna Bowman

“I never got to go to CGTV,  I got a call back after auditioning with them but sadly I couldn’t afford it at the time. Adrian saw something in me and even though I couldn’t go to the showcase he helped me by messaging me on Facebook  and texting about working in the industry. He helped me in how I presented myself in the auditioning room and helped me make important in the moment decisions on how to make sure I always look my best and act professional. 

Whenever I had a question for him he would take time out of his day to reply. I haven’t even met him physically. I met Tanya when I auditioned in Philadelphia. But once I face-booked him about the program he was very easy to listen to in terms of how he explained what the industry was really like.

I recently got a role in the hit TV series The Blind Spot.  I got the audition through my manager and when I got there I was discouraged because the role called for a mixed Caucasian and Hispanic girl or “mixed” girl and I’m only African American. When I got there I was surrounded by girls who actually were what they asked for but I remembered the videos that I watched for CGTV and how to command the casting director’s attention by speaking first. Adrian even let me use him as an industry referral to get representation. In the beginning I would submit Adrian on everything I sent out. I emailed submissions all over and finally got a hit from Brilliant Talent Management which is bi coastal.

I’ve been in this industry since I was five so I was already held a lot of knowledge on the acting and filming industry.   But, Adrian broadened my horizons.  I am very thankful to Adrian he helped me and asked for absolutely nothing in return but for me to always do my best. He truly wants to help each and every aspiring actor, no matter the age or background, to follow their dreams and do what they love.”  – Gionna Bowman

Adrian R’Mante

Adrian & CGTV audition free around the world. Please Click Here to register for your chance to audition for CGTV & The Celebrity Experience.

The Celebrity Experience

Why I Decided to train with CGTV & TCE

The Celebrity Experience

Lance Freeman

This is the story of one of our graduate’s of last January’s VIP program.  Lance Freeman had an energy that we could see from a mile away.  He wasn’t sure if he had what it took for Hollywood, but he saw this as a chance to chance his dream.  With hard work and an open mind, Lance amazed himself by securing a Hollywood Agent call back after our live showcase at ACME Theatre.  The following is his story.  For anyone scouring the internet for CGTV Reviews and wanting to know if CGTV is a scam or not, take the time to read the story of people that have actually been through our program.  That is the truth in advertising. The Celebrity Experience. 

Why I Decided to Train with CGTV and The Celebrity Experience?

“I really wasn’t nervous about auditioning for CGTV, I saw this as my chance to chase a dream. I prepared mainly by watching movies. I wanted to see how they performed with cameras and each other.

When I arrived at the event I learned that Geno Segers was my celebrity host, I wasn’t nervous, I saw this all as a potential possibility. I knew I would be okay whether I made it into the program or not. Finally my turn to audition came around. I felt relaxed in the room with Geno and he gave amazing advice once I was finished. I followed it and repeated the monologue, I thought I did pretty good afterwards honestly.

CGTV & The Celebrity Experience

After hours of waiting I was thankful that I was selected, and proud of myself for taking advantage of the unique learning experience that was to come. My family felt the same. I knew from past experience that there were a lot of talent agencies that scam you for money, but the program seemed legit and I took a leap of faith. I was scheduled to go for the showcase that would perform in January, and decided to go with the V.I.P package. I am now definitely thankful that I did.

One of my favorite parts of the training was all the information we got from the celebrity hosts that were attending. They gave us advice on our performances, told us the in’s and outs of the industry, and revealed what they had to personally go through to get where they are today. It was really awesome to see from their point of view and to get to hear about what it is really like for them past the lights and cameras.

The showcase finally came around after days of rigorous training and memorization. Utilizing and applying all the notes given to me made my live performance real and moving. It flowed nicely thanks to advice and preparation from the CGTV staff and the actors who took time out of their lives to help us reach for the stars. Following the showcase I received a call back! They gave me advice on how to move forward with my acting. CGTV taught us the basics that everyone needs to know to get their careers started and off the ground. Remember to chase your dreams and that no matter what, with CGTV you will be put in front of agents.”

Lance Freeman

Do you want to be trained by the best? Click here for your chance at show business with CGTV & The Celebrity Experience. You can read about some of our reviews and success stories here

CGTV is not a scam

CGTV is not a scam, I know firsthand!

CGTV is not a scamCGTV is not a scam, I know firsthand! The following is a personal letter written to us from one of our Graduates from last January’s VIP Program at CGTV – The Celebrity Experience. It’s easy for us to tell you how great our program is, but we prefer if you hear it from our graduates/students instead. If you are looking for CGTV Reviews and/or whether or not CGTV is a scam, keep reading.
“Ever since I can remember I have had dreams of being an actress. Growing up with a thespian as a mother probably had a little something to do with that. Throughout the years I have auditioned and performed in many shows/venues, including the Utah Shakespeare competition. However I always wanted more. I knew my dream was to make it to the Oscars some day. Luckily I was gifted with a mother who believed in my dreams and wanted to help make them a reality. She was always looking out for auditions that either me or her could do, and one day a local talent agent sent her an email with the information for CGTV auditions happening that following week in Phoenix, Arizona. CGTV is not a scam.
Neither me or my mother had ever heard of CGTV and immediately thought it was going to be a scam or trap. We decided to look further into it. After hopping on google and typing them in we came across a negative review on the first page. We decided to click on it thinking yep, just another waste of time. Words cannot express how shocked we were, and moved, over the 8 paragraph response Adrian R’Mante had personally written himself in the comment section of the review. Seeing a star, someone I watched throughout my childhood and loved, defending and putting effort into helping his own cause and not sending someone else or just ignoring them was amazing. In addition there were PAGES of other parents that had actually been through the program defending the program and Adrian. We immediately secured our audition. CGTV is not a scam.
I don’t really know how to describe the feeling of knowing that you were going to potentially meet and perform in front of people you watched growing up on Disney. Never in my life had I memorized a commercial that fast. My nerves were in overdrive after finding out from my mother that Hutch Dano from Zeke and Luther was going to be the guest judge and actor for our auditions. Now not only did I have to perform in front of strangers I had to now do it in front of a high school crush of mine! Butterflies were swarming in my stomach as we entered the room that was completely filled with other kids waiting for their auditions, maybe about 600. After realizing that I’ve watched and seen all the actors personally, that are on their opening video, that they helped get started with CGTV I was floored and crazy excited. (By the way, we knew it was real when only about 50/600 of us were offered a spot in the program)
I’m finally put in the room with Hutch and am trying not to let  my nerve show on my face. Afterwards he told me I did a great job, I will forever remember that as my first real step into the acting world! Sadly the time care for us to leave and wait for the calls to come, or not come. 11 pm rolls around and I’m having to face the music and start thinking about my next move since I didn’t make it. Twenty minutes later I go back to find a voicemail waiting on my phone, and it’s CGTV letting me know that both me and my mother had been selected! We meet with them and talked about what needed to happen next and decided the V.I.P. package route was the best and smartest way to go. We were scheduled for the beginning of January. My personal experience at CGTV can not be described as anything less than extraordinary.. I had the best time of my life, learned everything about the business, and have the confidence and knowledge to continue my career in acting. And, I walked away with all the tools needed to secure an agent and/or manager. Lastly, becuase I bought the top VIP package, I can come back to CGTV for FREE for the rest of my life and perform live over and over in front of agents/managers until I get a callback. That is committment. I love Adian and CGTV so much, I hope to work with them one day!”
PS… I almost forgot to tell you how AMAZING it is when all your OTHER child hood stars from Disney arrive at CGTV to train you as well. The dad from Josh and Drake, Jonathan Goldstein, Geno Segers from Pair of Kings, RJ Cyler from Me, Earl and The Dying Girl and Power Rangers 2017! And more…. it was the time of my life and I will never forget it.
Jenna McKenna age 21, San Diego, California

CGTV is not a scam, I know firsthand!

Lisa London

CGTV’s Celebrity Casting Director?

kn0ky4xmLisa London has been a Hollywood staple for 20+ years.   She have discovered and/or cast many actors long before they were famous; such as Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana, Jonah Hill in Grandma’s Boy, Emma Stone, Katharine McPhee, and Kat Dennings in House Bunny, Selena Gomez in the Disney pilot of What’s Stevie Thinking, Jennifer Aniston in her first feature, Leprechaun, Mark Ruffalo in the CBS series, Due South, Adrian R. Mante and Megan Hilty, in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Yari Shahidi in The First Family.  Lisa London
Lisa London has a knack for picking needles out of haystacks and her casting history proves this in spades.  The exciting news is that she is a partner with CGTV and is always seeking new talent at our events.  Read more about Lisa and how to get involved below.  
Lisa and her partner Catherine Stroud own London Stroud Casting and have cast a number of highly successful TV shows such as Hit The Floor for VH1, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Hannah Montana pilot on the Disney Channel, Arliss on HBO, Roseanne on ABC, Supah Ninjas on Nickelodeon and Get A Life on Fox. 
A few of the movies they have cast for that you will recognize are House Bunny and Grandma’s Boy for Happy Madison Productions, Stepfather for Screen Gems and From The Rough which stars Oscar and Emmy nominated and Golden Globe winner, Taraji P. Henson (who is starring in the Fox Television “hit” series, Empire) and the late, great Michael Clarke Duncan plus an international cast including British actor, Tom Felton (from Harry Potter films). 
Recently they have stepped into the Indie film market with, In Search of Fellini starring Maria Bello, Mary Lynn Rajskub and the awesomely talented, Ksenia Solo (from the TV series, Orphan Black & the feature, Black Swan).
So, how can you get in front of Lisa?  There are a few ways, the first one is to be a part of CGTV’s “The Celebrity Experience” and perform LIVE onstage at the ACME theatre in Hollywood where Lisa sits in the audience with a notepad scouring for new talent. 
The second one is to attend Lisa’s workshop.  The next will be held on October 15th and 16th in Tampa Florida.  Price:  $175 for children and teens ages 6 to 13.  $250 for Teens to adults 14+.  Call 813-873-9440 to reserve your seat. 
Can’t make it to Lisa’s next workshop?  That’s ok, she wrote a book too!  Get her book here:  Visit  The CGTV Reviews on her book are off the chart, in fact we have just published a success story of Zeah whom took action on Lisa’s book and turned it into success. 

Lisa London

CGTV Graduate RJ Cyler stars in POWER RANGERS 2017!

RJ stars in POWER RANGERS 2017!

CGTV Graduate RJ Cyler stars in POWER RANGERS 2017!This photo features one of our recent graduates, Bailey Axen whom had 10+ Hollywood agents and managers ask him for a call-back.  He stands proudly in front of RJ Cyler, a CGTV Graduate, and Hollywood Star.  He hopes to follow in RJ’s footsteps and even met RJ and was able to perform on the same stage with him at Hollywood’s ACME theater, led by CGTV and The Celebrity Experience’s Adrian R’Mante. CGTV Graduate RJ Cyler stars in POWER RANGERS 2017!

RJ’s current IMDB profile reads as follows; CGTV Graduate RJ Cyler stars in POWER RANGERS 2017!

“RJ Cyler, a native of Jacksonville, Florida, was born Ronald Cyler II, the youngest of three boys. RJ has always been an entertainer in some way or form. At the age of 12, he started a dance team with his older brother. In Jan,2012; RJ heard a commercial for open auditions in the Jacksonville area. RJ was asked to Los Angeles for another acting camp, which at that time RJ’s mentor asked his parents to consider relocating to California in order to support a possible future. Feb 22,2013,the family took a leap of faith; he along with his mother, moved to Los Angeles. Shortly after, his father and one brother also relocated as well. With his family behind him, RJ continues to focus on becoming a better young man, comedian & actor, not easily deterred when life comes at him, he is truly the laugh box of his family and to those who met him.”

The one thing it doesn’t mention is that the acting “camp” was the CGTV Acting Program.  In particular, The Celebrity Experience.  Since we spotted RJ at a local city audition, he has been nominated for awards, taken the part of The Blue Ranger in the upcoming Power Rangers 2017 and scored a meaty role in a new movie with Brad Pitt.
RJ is not alone on our list of achievements.  CGTV Reviews are in and they are astonishing.  Check out actress Bex Taylor-Klaus on IMDB as well;

“Bex Taylor-Klaus was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, a fourth generation Atlantan. She has two passions that she has pursued throughout her life: sports and acting.

An all-around athlete, Bex played on her high school Varsity Softball team as a Freshman (Catcher & 3rd base). Bex’s acting training started with Shakespeare in an after school program in the 3rd grade, and was a consistent part of her extracurricular life and summers. In high school, Bex performed in her school’s Improv Troupe – she loves comedy and Improv – and with friends started a Junior-High Acting Troupe to train young actors. CGTV Graduate RJ Cyler stars in POWER RANGERS 2017!

At 18, Bex moved to LA in the summer of 2012 to begin her acting career while finishing High School. As a series regular in The Killing (2011), Bex’s first official role as an actor is the part of Bullet. Bex writes about playing Bullet, “to be an actor is to want to visit the dark places that humans strive so hard to stay away from.” She is having the time of her life, fulfilling her dreams, and doing the work she loves.

When not working, Bex loves to hang out with her siblings (both real and ‘by choice’).”

If you are considering the acting program at CGTV be prepared for the success that may follow if you put in the work.
CGTV Graduate RJ Cyler stars in POWER RANGERS 2017!

Is CGTV Real? The Proof is in our Results!

Is CGTV real? Parents love to see their kids reach their full potential. We would argue that nearly every parent’s desire is to support their children as they seek to live out their passions. These passions might be in music, sports, academics or other areas of the arts. No matter what they are, parents want to facilitate successful outcomes.

At CGTV we are honored to be a part of this journey for parents whose children are gifted in the dramatic arts. Every year we meet thousands of parents and kids seeking tools to help them hone their craft and move their talents to the next level. One question we hear repeatedly from parents (and kids) is “does your program actually work.” While we whole-heartedly know that our program is successful on its own merits, we believe that it is better to hear a couple stories from the bright and talented kids who have been a part of our program:  

Jenae McFarland 

Jenae attended the CGTV program in June of 2015. In her words, it was one of the “best decisions I have made in my life.” After being professionally packaged, she was able to perform in front of over 15 Hollywood agents. You read that right, she received over 15 callbacks!

MacKenzie Dunne

MacKenzie attending CGTV’s summer programming. After her experience, she was offered work almost immediately. Her biggest role is Shelby on Best Friends Whenever on the Disney Channel. MacKenzie’s parents credit the CGTV program with helping open up the doors to many great opportunities.

These are just two in thousands of success stories from CGTV grads. Part of the reason our graduates realize such great success is that we don’t forget about them once they leave our programs. We are consistent in following through to ensure that they are staying the course to reach their dreams.

So does our program work? The answer is unequivocally, yes! If an actor puts the time and effort into the consistency needed to make it in the entertainment business, the possibilities for future success are endless.  Coupling talented kids with a program that is provides them the tools they need as well best connections in the industry provides another step in the right direction. For more information on how we can help your child reach their full potential in the entertainment industry, visit the CGTV website.

CGTV Grad Is Sponsored to attend!

CGTV Graduate Is Sponsored to attend!

CGTV Grad Is Sponsored to attend!In our last blog, you learned about the success of one of our graduates, Zeah. CGTV Grad Is Sponsored to attend!

This is a follow up on her continued success and is surely a great article for anyone scouring the internet for CGTV reviews.

“This (CGTV/TCE/Hollywood)  is definitely a JOURNEY that can be accomplished when ‘the family comes together to support the child actors pursuits” – Zeah’s Mom 


When we returned from TCE, I took 3 days to read Lisa London’s book, “From Start to Stardom” that we purchased at the event.  I took every step in her book and began taking action.  (She has founded many of Hollywood’s finest and hottest celebrities) While waiting for our demo reel to be edited, I created a sponsorship letter to local businesses and organizations to seek out donors to sponsor Zeah’s participation in the program – for simplicity, I will quote some info from the letter so you can see what our mission and purpose was:


“On January 12, 2016, Zeah received an exclusive invitation to attend the CGTV Pilot Program Training in Universal City, California.  This is an elite program offered only once a year, and Zeah is one of 30 children invited to participate in this accelerated, 4 week training program.


We have less than 2 weeks to raise $9,500 for program expenses and travel & housing accommodations, which will allow Zeah onsite private acting training with active, practicing celebrities, auditions for 2016 Pilot Season for Film & Television in Hollywood, California, exposure and opportunities with more industry professionals, and more.


We are considering creative ways to raise funds for this exclusive opportunity for our daughter. If you, or any organization or company you know, are willing to sponsor Zeah’s next step in her personal & career development, she will in exchange, create a unique promotion or commercial for your organization and/or company.

Here is the general website of CGTV for your information and reference:


Mahalo for your consideration to help Zeah Live Her Dreams”  to be on TV and to be an inspiration for keiki here in Hawaii, and around the world.”


As a result, Zeah received some donations, as well as one offer of sponsorship – which created the opportunity for her to work on her first paid commercial project.  She was assigned to write, produce, and film a commercial for Dr. Aki Oshita, Gonstead Chiropractor and owner of Cornerstone Community Chiropractic.  Here’s the final product that Dr. Aki used on his Facebook page to promote his practice, and Zeah’s passion for acting.


While we did not meet the fundraising goal to return to LA for CGTV Pilot Program in February 2016 it did not shake Zeah.  Rather, it refocused her and her determination increased.  The program had PREPARED her for rejection.


Toward the end of February we received the TCE demo reels recorded at Universals Sound Studio so I was able to submit Zeah’s complete package to our local talent agencies.  I submitted her package to 4 agencies, 2 of which were SAG-AFTRA franchised.  Both SAG-AFTRA franchise agencies replied to schedule a meeting with us to meet Zeah and to go over their expectations as an agency.  Following meeting with ADR Agency, they were interested in representing her.  After researching the 2 SAG-AFTRA franchised companies in Hawaii, and meeting personally with Talent Agent Ryan Brown, Zeah signed with ADR Agency. CGTV Grad Is Sponsored to attend!


That same week, prior to signing with ADR, we self submitted to Hawaii Actors Network (HAN) for the lead role in “Yes Mama”.  This was Zeah’s first audition in our local market place and she used the skills she learned from TCE and Adrian’s CGTV training videos to prepare for this audition.  Additionally, I recorded one of Zeah’s rehearsals and sent it to Adrian for his feedback.  He offered some suggestions for improvement, Zeah made the adjustments, and she did an amazing job at her audition.  The first audition resulted in a callback and a second audition which eventually lead to Zeah being offered the lead role of “Millie” in the Hawaii Student Short Film Project, “Yes Mama”.  The Director envisions this film in 2017 film festivals – we are really excited for that and pray that things line up. CGTV Grad Is Sponsored to attend!


Prior to filming, we had 2 weeks of rehearsals which was a very interesting and a great learning experience for our entire family.  Filming took 4 days and it was an amazing experience for Zeah.  As parents, we literally watched our daughter mature over the two weeks of filming.  Her commitment to the project was amazing (for lack of a better term).  This was a student film so there was only one camera, one sound person, and they filmed on location – which resulted in many many many retakes because of sound quality and/or noise from the environment (ambulances, planes, dogs barking, neighbors talking….hahahaha…you catch my drift). On the final day, as we left location – and the last day was a very long day, I asked Zeah how she felt.  To my surprise, she responded with “I LOVE ACTING!!!  WHEN CAN I DO ANOTHER MOVIE???”  I expected her to tell me it was too much work, or it was too hard, or something to that effect – but her response demonstrated that acting is truly her passion and that the amount of work that is required to complete a project will not stop her from reaching beyond the stars. CGTV Grad Is Sponsored to attend!


In April 2016, Zeah was formally invited by BNI KOA Chapter in Ewa Beach, Hawaii to be their ‘youngest entrepreneur’.  Zeah attended their new member orientation and instantly connected with many businessmen and businesswomen there.  She shared a 20 second overview of who she is and her goals and aspirations in life.  The members were very supportive and impressed by her poise and ability to know what she wants and to go after it at such a young age.  Zeah intends on joining the BNI KOA Chapter as soon as she can create opportunities to pay for her annual membership.


In June 2016, Dr. Aki at Cornerstone Community Chiropractic offered Zeah another paid project opportunity – to create an educational video teaching about Gonstead Chiropractic Care and the correlation of proper adjustments, appropriate home care, and overall health.  Rather than it being an advertisement for his practice, he wants Zeah to create this video to teach about Gonstead Chiropractic Care as a whole to share with his colleagues and the Gonstead Community.  Zeah accepted this opportunity and we are hoping to complete this project by the end of the year.  She has to do extensive research before she can write and produce this project.


Following Zeah’s participation with CGTV summer program 2016, we made a family decision to follow up with callbacks and book appointments with the Agents and Managers who showed interest in representing Zeah.  We knew that a lot of sacrifice and much transition was necessary in order to take the next BIG step in Zeah’s pursuits so we hosted a “Zeah’s Journey To The Big Screen” fundraiser in August 2016.  This fundraiser was a great success and gave us an edge to commit to returning to LA for 3-4 months.  On September 1, 2016 we brought Zeah to LA and are currently learning, experiencing, auditioning, building networks, attending classes, making friends, acclimating to the “home away from home” that we are creating for Zeah.  It’s definitely a JOURNEY and we are so grateful to have the opportunities, network, and support we have gained through our participation with TCE and CGTV!!!  Our family has grown so much over the past year because of our TCE ohana & CGTV ohana!!! CGTV Grad Is Sponsored to attend!


Zeah is truly a blessing and has aspirations to become a celebrity so that she may inspire kids in her community, our beautiful state of Hawaii, and beyond.  Her motto is “Be Grateful Everyday, Love God, Be Kind To Others”  –  she truly wants that message to circle the world. CGTV Grad Is Sponsored to attend!


CGTV Grad Is Sponsored to attend!